The Gospel; The Good news

What do we need to understand the Gospel?


You need to start to understand the Grace of God. His unmerited favor, His unconditional love.
God demonstrates His love for us by giving us His Son, His only begotten, His best. He shows us his mercy by doing this while we were still an enemy to Him in our mind and in our actions. He give us his grace that through what He has done for us in Christ’s death and resurrection that we may find forgiveness and salvation. There is nothing (good or bad) that you can do that will make God love you more or less than what He love you today.
What must we do to get this salvation?  Receive the Gift of eternal life from God. How do you do this? Change your mind about God, that is what repent means. Change your mind from seeing God as the enemy and seeing God as your friend.  Trusting Him for your salvation. This faith starts as a small seed but will grow into a large tree. Jesus disciples ran away at his crucifixion, but as their faith in God grew they changed and eventually were not even afraid to die for the gospel.


You need to understand what this Love, Mercy and Grace give you.
It gives you God. In you 24, hours a day 7 days a week. It is having the kingdom of God within you, His rule, His love, His mercy, His grace. There is no spiritual time and secular time, all the time God is in you. Christianity is Christ in you, the hope of glory. It is living by the indwelling Spirit of Christ. If you want more love, or more patients, or more power, then seek ‘more’ God. He is our all sufficiency. All we need is Him. Salvation is not found in a book, or what we do, or do not do, but it is found in Christ Jesus. God is not found in a ‘church’ building, or a special day, or a special festival.  He is found in people who have received His love, mercy, grace and His salvation found in Christ Jesus.


Please refer to point 1 and 2, there is no third. Christianity is not complicated. The Gospel is very simple so that even a child can understand it and receive Him. When you start to strive to do things for God to earn His approval, please refer back to point 1 and then remember who is in you (point 2).


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