Thoughts on the Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is NOT of another sphere (like mars), but rather that it does not share, at its heart, competitive, authority and power driven commonalities with other kingdoms.

Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world. It still isn’t.”
When the language we speak consists of power and control replacing the words of compassion and justice; then we may have mixed up our kingdoms.

Differences between Kingdoms

Kingdom of this world

  1. Rule with power and authority.
  2. Great men and woman: are Noblemen, Lords, knights that are served by others. People are always juggling to see if they can get higher in the hierarchy and are competitive in nature.
  3. Conquer in the name of the king, BUT using the Lords and knights skill at strategy and the fighter’s own skill at swordsmanship.

Kingdom of God

  1. Rule by love, mercy and grace (the one who rules has all power and authority in Heaven and on earth but chooses to rule by love)
  2. Great men and women: To be the greatest in the kingdom one must become a servant of all. It is the trust of a child that God is good and always wants the best for us irrespective of our circumstances. We must learn to understand the things (power, position and money) of the world in the light of God’s love and eternity.
  3. Conquer in the name of the king (not people) but principalities and powers (e.g. idolatry, pride, envy, lust, etc.) Jesus has already overcome all sin therefore He gives you the power to overcome. It is not your skill but it is by His grace, power and authority. It is all Jesus; He has conquered sin and death.

The only way to enter into the kingdom is to enter into God (Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but through Me) or in other words to allow God to come a dwell in us.  The Love of God (Gods love in us) is the key to living in the kingdom of God. It is US (me following Jesus or better put Jesus and I walking down the road of life together) that allows the Kingdom of God to be revealed to people around us. The kingdom is not a once off thing it is a lifetime of submitting to the love, mercy and grace of a living God, one who always wants the best for you.

One just has to read the new testament to start to understand the Kingdom of God.   Jesus spoke about His Father and the kingdom of God many times.  To try and simplify it, If God is omnipresent and Jesus Said “the kingdom of God is at hand” does it not mean that God is already everywhere and just waiting for us to practice His kingdom (His love, mercy, grace and servant hood) in order that the power and authority of God may be demonstrated so that others may see it and give Him the glory.  The kingdom of God brings the desires and intentions of God to bear in the real world, deflating the power of evil and death. The kingdom of God may not be of this world, but it is at hand.

If you allow God to show His love to you and accept that love and allow Jesus to come and dwell in you, then God can change your life and bring you into the Kingdom of God.  Just let Him do it for you.

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